• Dear all, It is happy to inform you that Cabinet approved 607 lecturer posts on regular basis and 388 non teaching posts on outsourcing basis in newly started 65 Government Degree Colleges-J.Rama Murthy(General Secretary)

  • Diwali Gift to Women Lecturers-"
    Extension of the benefit of availing five (05) days extra Casual Leave in addition to the Casual Leaves and Optional Holidays to the Women Lecturers working in Government Degree Colleges in the State. GO.Ms .No 129 Dt 25-10-2011 issued"

  • Our Director has decided to place Senior most lecturers as FAC , as and when the prinicpal post falls vacant and until regular principal is posted

  • Guidelines for transfers of employees in Higher and Technical Education Department for the year 2012-13

  • Representation of gcgta on tranfer guidlines by J.Rama Murthy(General Secretary).




    Date: 19.02.2004

    Read the following

    1. G.O.Ms.No.1072Education (W) Dept, 0!.2611.1976
    2. G.O.Ms.No.423,Education (M1) Dept,
    3. G.O.Ms.No.520,Education (UE) Dept,
    4. G.O.Ms.No.169,Education (UE.2) Dept, Dt7.7.1990
    5. Govt D.O.Lr.No.137/LE.91-1, Education Dept
    6. G.O.Ms.No.37, Education (HE) Dept, 0!.5.2.1994
    7. G.O.Ms.No.208,Higher Education (UE.II) Dept, Dt29.6.1999
    8. From the General Secretary, Government College Gazetted Teachers Association, A.P. Dt.NII
    9. From tho Director of Collegiate Education, AP. Hydorabad. Lr.No.1522/UGC.PF.1/2000.
    10. From the Secretary General, Federation of College Teachers  Association, A.P.Dt.1.3.2002
    11. Govt.Lr.No.2968/CE.L1/2002-1, Higher Education Dept.
    1.2. From the General Secretary, Government College Gazetted Teachers Association, A.P.
    13. Govt.Lr.No.2968/CE.I.1/2002, Higher Education Dept Dt.22.1.2003
    14. GovtLr.No.2968/CE.I.1/2002,Higher Education Dept Dt6.3.2003
    15. From the Director of Collegiate Education, A.P. Lr.No.1522/UGC.PF.1/2000. Dl.4.11.2003

    The Government have issued orders in the G.0.1mread  above to the effect that the different categories existing among the teachers in the Affiliated Degree and Postgraduate Colleges like Readers, Heads of Departments/Senior Lecturers, Lecturers (Senior Scale), Laclurers (Junior Scele)/Assistant Lecturers and working in Degree Colleges are merged into one and there shall be only one category i.e., "Laclurer" in the Revised Pay scale of Rs.?00-1600. One at the conditions stipulated for eligibility for the Revised Pay scale of 1976 for Tutors/Demonstretors is that for reckoning the total service of 10 years as Demonstrators Tutors or 5 years as junior lecturers or Assistant Lecturers, one year of service as Demonstrator, Tutor will be treated as being equivalent to half year of service as junior lecturer  or Assistant lecturer.
    2. In the G.0..2oo read above Government have created promotional avenue to the Junior Lecturers as Lecturers in Government Degree Colleges. In the G.0..3..and% read above,the Government have issued orders to implement the Career Advancement Scheme to College and University Teachers. The Scheme is applicable to all the lecturers who were in the pre-revised UGC scales of Pay of Rs.l00-1600.Those who have completed a years of service as on 1.1.1986 were directed to award the senior scele of Rs.3000-5000. A selection grade to be awarded on the same lines after the completion at 16 years of service. In the matter at computing the prescribed period at 8/16 years of service, the service rendered as Assistant lecturer in any Govt. Degree Collage before 1976 or thereafter has been directed to be reckoned lor granting the senior/selection grade scale for the
    3. In the G.0.4th read above the Government have directed that the service rendered as Junior Lecturer in any college including the Composite and Postgraduate Colleges shall not be counted lor the purpose or reckoning the period of 8/16 years of service as Lecturer for the purpose of granting Senior/Selection Grade.
    4. In the reference 8th read above, the General Secretary, Govt. College Gazetted Teachers Association, A.P. has submitted that the Government through G.O. Ms.No.169, Educetion Dept.7.9.1990 reed with G.O.Ms.No.520, Education Dept, dt.15.12.1998 sought to discriminate between the two categories of teachers viz., Assistant lecturer and Junior Lecturer. The Association has also submitted that while merging the various categories of teachers into one category i.e., "Lecturer'', no discrimination was maintained. The Association has opined that the service rendered as Junior lecturer should also be reckoned along with Assistant lecturer  for the purpose of applying CAS to the College Teachers.
    5. On the representation of the Association, the Government convened a meeting with the representatives of the Association with the officers concerned. During the meeting held on 21.2.1991 the problem was discussed in which an agreement was arrived at and the same has beencommunicated to the Association vide Proceedings of the Director of Collegiate Education Rc. No.400/GC.II.1/91, dt22.2.1991 which reads as: "It has been agreed to in principle to give weightage to the service rendered in the cadre of Junior Lecturer lor the purpose of Career Advancement Scheme. The quantum of weightage shall be decided by mutual discussion between the Government and the Office bearers of the Association."
    6. Again the same agreement was reiterated on 27.04.1991 in the discussion held on 27.04.1991 between !he representatives of the Join!Action Commiltae of Teachers in Higher Education.
    7. Subsequently, a meeting was held on 9.03.2002 with the representatives of the Federation of
    College Teachers Associations, A.P. along with the concerned to discuss the issue and it has been
    agreed to reckon hallof service rendered as Junior Lecturer only lor the purpose of Career Advancement Scheme, consequent to the promotion as Lecturer in Government Degree Colleges as per the minutes of the meeting held on 21.12.1991.
    B. The Director of Collegiate Education, A.P. Hyderabad in his letter 15th read above has reported that the financial commitment to the Government will be to a tune of Rs.6.55 crores per annum.
    9. The Government after careful examination of the matter direct that the weightage of 50% of service over and above the five years service in the category of Junior Lecturer which is required for promotion to Lecturer catagory) in Government Junior College/Government Degree College shall be reckoned only lor the purpose of Career Advance Scheme Prospectively without prejudice to the existing seniority among the lecturers working in Degree Colleges drawn from various sources of recruitment and that higher pay by virtue of this will not be entitled to seniority over other Lecturers. The monetary benefit would also be prospective.
    10. A seperate account shall be maintained for the expenditure incurred while implementing this
    decision to get a clear financial implication of decision and account rendered to Finance Department each year as the estimate of the Commissioner of Collegiate Education is only tentative and as he has infonned it is difficult to workout expenditure accurately.
    11. The Commissioner of Collegiate Education, A.P. Hyderabad shall take further action in the matter and reckon the service rendered as Junior Lecturer as ordered above while applying Career Advancement Scheme contemplated under University Grants Commission Pay structure of 1986 and
    1998 in Government Degree Colleges.
    12. This order issues with the Finance (Exp.HE) Dept., vide their U.0.3976/105/Expr.HE/2004. D!.17.2.2004.